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Electronic cigarette is totally common nowadays especially to those people whom take smoking as part of their daily habit. There are also top leading brands that release their different product in the market. Vista Vapors is a creator of quality products that sustain every smoker need for E cigarette and today with our Vista Vapors coupon you can save on your next e-cig purchase.

Starter Kits

The company was able to create different types of e-cigarette starter kit to

provide beginners and advance smokers their need to vape. They created

a affordable and simple  starter kits just like Vista Single and Double – cig

kits for beginners that has a price index that starts at $18.99 to $35.99.

Their product such as Aspire Platinum Kit that is  sold at $89.99 and the

eLeaf iStick 30w that has an affordable price of $34.99 are basically made

for the advanced user of e cigarette. Be sure to use our Vista Vapors

discount code to save on any of these awesome kits.

Nicotine flavors

They also offer different flavors for their nicotine that is made in

accordance to what is the needs and the want of each smoker. The nicotine

flavors includes, Acai Berry, Almond, Alto Stratus, American Tobacco,

Apple flavors, Apricot, Arctic nd Atlantic flavors, Bacon, Banana flavors,

Berry flavors,  Breakfast Grits, Bubble Gum and different Butter flavors.

All its prices starts at $4.99 for the lowest and $11.99 for its highest price.



They offer all type of tanks, the larger one, the smaller, clear tanks and

colorful tank. Vista Nova Tank and Aspire Glass Tanks are the 2 bestselling

tank products of the company.


Their batteries keeps your vaping moment stays longer with their newest

product of Vista Batteries and Usb cord that is rechargeable and lasts for

longer period of time and usb cord that you can use for travelling.

Coils and Wicks-

KangerTech OCC Coils and Vista Nova Wicks are the top 2 best selling

products that customer tend to buy because of its affordability among

others.They are also offering  tanks replacement such as Aspire Atlantis

Replacement for as low as $7.99, carrying case, car charger adapter, stickers

and many others for product’s additional features. Vista vapors also have

DIY that the main purpose is to make your own flavor that fits your



Vista vapors provide excellent customers service for all the period of time.

They have return policy to let their customers to have right to change any

factory damage products. They also have Shipping services around

United States and Free shipping if you have avail products for more than

$50.00,. They have International Shipping for outside the US orders,

First class international mail and express international mail. They also

offer wholesale for every efficient retailer. In overall views, vista vapor

could totally sustain your need as smokers, with all the product features,

smoking would be a total fun and satisfaction. Choosing the products

won’t give youany regrets it the end because all of  these are well made

for each and every customer’s satisfaction. If it much easier you enjoying

what you are doing, with Vista Vapors Electronic Cigarette you totally

experience the feeling of perfection with its taste, features and accessories.

This is perfectly fitted for any type of e-cigarette user.

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